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Business letters are an important means of communication in the corporate sector. So here we shall see some useful tips regarding how to end a business letter with images. The purpose of writing a business letter is to allow businesses to communicate with each other for various purposes.

Drafting a business letter requires skills since it should be written in a formal language and must be able to communicate to the recipient what is your motive for writing the letter. The most important parts of a letter are its introduction and ending. So here we shall provide you with some valuable tips on how to end a business letter with examples.

Closing Sentence in Business letter

Just like the introduction of your letter, the ending must be as relevant and attention-grabbing. Remember, it is your last chance to make a good impression upon your recipient. It must leave the recipient with positive feelings about reading the letter and inspire them to take the desired action.

You can choose to end your letter n many ways, depending upon your relationship with the recipient. if you are writing a letter for an interview or answering about any meeting schedule, you can end your letter by saying “looking forward to meeting you”. Apart from this, you might also end your letter by saying, “Thanks for your patience, you can contact me for any further queries.”

How To End a Formal Business Letter

Although emails have taken over the traditional business letters, it still holds its ground. It must be written using proper guidelines and layout, otherwise, the reader will not be interested in reading your letter. At the end of the letter, make sure to provide a clear call-to-action to the recipient, so that they are not confused regarding the motive of your writing the letter.

Business Letter Closing Lines

It is mandatory to include a courteous and polite salutation at the end of your business letter. There are many options for the salutations which you can use. It depends upon the relationship you share with the recipient and the type of conversation you are having with them.

Here are the most commonly used types of ending for business letters :

  • Sincerely, Yours Truly, Yours Sincerely: These kind of endings are most appropriate in almost all the cases of writing business letters. It is the simplest and subtle way of ending almost all business letter and provide excellent endings for a cover letter or letter of inquiry.
  • Best Regards, Cordially and Yours Respectfully: These letter endings are appropriate for a more personal touch to your communication. These should only be written in circumstances where you have interacted with the person before or know the person very well.

Business Letter Closing Examples

So here we explained to you the proper format for ending a business letter. It is very important if you want to create a long-lasting relationship with a business or want your letter to have an impact upon the recipient.

Here we have also provided you with some other types of business letter templates which you might find useful:

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