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10+ Free Blank Fax Cover Sheet Template [Printable]

Fax Cover Sheet: Fax is one of the most commonly used methods of communication used in the corporate sector today. Almost every company sends and receives fax on a daily basis. So here we are going to provide you with fax cover sheet templates which you can directly download and print from here.

We shall also provide you with brief information about the various kinds of fax cover sheets that are used in the corporate sector and at the individual level too. So if you don’t know much about the fax cover sheet and want to send a fax, you can download fax cover sheet for different purposes from here, such as Confidential Fax Cover sheet and Basic Fax Cover Sheet for official purpose.

Fax Cover Sheet Templates

Imagine your boss has asked you to send an important document to the client through fax. Or you want to send a fax to your family member for the holiday season. Whatever might be the reason, you will require to send a fax cover sheet attached to your document. Creating a fax cover sheet from scratch all by yourself might be tedious and confusing if you haven’t sent fax before. So in such cases, a fax cover sheet template comes in handy. It helps to solve the problem of creating your own fax cover sheet and allows you to choose an appropriate template from among many options.

Fax Cover Sheet TemplatesPDF

Nowadays, there are many online sites which provide free fax cover page for different purposes. So if you are searching for free fax cover page templates then you have come to the right place. Here in this post, you can find fax cover sheet templates for official purposes, such as Blank Fax Cover Sheet, Professional Fax Cover Sheet, and also for individual communication, such as Generic Fax cover sheet.

Fax Cover Sheet Examples

The whole concept of sending fax has undergone a huge change, and now fax can be sent and received online through mobile phones, just like messages. This remarkable advancement in technology is of great boon to all businessmen and the people working in the corporate sector, who can now send and receive fax on the go. All you require is to register yourself with an online fax service for some nominal charges. These websites allow you to send and receive fax through email.

Fax Cover Sheet Examples

Download in PDF

Here we are going to provide you with some fax cover sheet examples which are commonly used to send fax online and otherwise:

  • Printable Fax Cover Sheet
  • Fax Cover Sheet PDF
  • Blank Fax Cover Sheet
  • Basic Fax Cover Sheet
  • Generic Fax Cover Sheet

Here we shall discuss each of these types of fax cover sheets and provide you with some examples of the same which you can download and print for free.

Printable Fax Cover Sheet

Earlier communication through fax used to occur through the telephone- using telephonic wires and fax machines. But in this digital age, it has become a lot easier to send a fax, thanks to printer and internet. If you are sending fax online, you can always download a fax cover letter. But if you are sending a fax through the traditional method offline, you can use the printable fax cover letter. Here we have free samples of printable cover sheet for fax. These templates have all the information you require to enter into a fax cover sheet. You just need to take a print out of it. There are fields for personal details such as name, fax number, etc. You can fill up this information before taking the printout or after it it’s up to you.

Fax cover sheet printable (Word)

Then you need to attach this fax cover letter to your document and send it to the rightful address. Printable sheet templates are the best option since these are fully customizable and you can edit information in them as required. Another great advantage it provides is that it saves a lot of your time an efforts since you do not require to create a fax cover letter from the beginning. These printable sheets can be accessed free of cost so these are a boon in today’s modern lifestyle and helps you to save lots of time.

Fax Cover Sheet Word

Fax Cover Sheet WordWord

The fax cover sheet is not only required for professional purposes but also personal reasons. And in such situations, using a word format for fax cover page is ideal since you would require to make a lot of changes and editing so you can show your creative side. And it is only the Word format which will allow you to express your creativity. As you know, while sending professional fax cover letters, we use a simple and basic design. But while sending a personal fax cover sheet you can use fancy templates or add any designs which will be only possible with Word format.

Fax Cover Sheet PDF

generic fax cover sheet

Download Fax cover sheet (PDF)

The PDF file has been used for a long time and is used to share images in document form. Sending fax cover sheet in PDF format is the best option since it is easily shareable and can be converted into .docs or .xls format. which depends upon your requirement. And the other advantage it provides is that once created it cannot be changed by any third party.

Blank Fax Cover Sheet

sample fax cover sheet

Download sample Fax Cover Sheet (WORD)

The other useful format for fax cover sheet is the blank format. Sometimes the situation or the nature of our business is such that you do not want any prior written information in the fax cover sheet. We require to write beyond just the basic information according to our preferences and requirements. But for writing such detailed information, we require more blank space. So this template is very useful for you since you can add any information according to your business requirements and it is easily usable.

Sample Fax Cover Sheet

There might arise situations where you need to send a fax for just a review and not for any professional requirements. In such situations a fax cover page template which will have all the necessary information regarding the fax.

Download sample Fax Cover Sheet (WORD)

So in situations where you don’t require any specific fax cover sheet or want to send a fax cover sheet without mentioning any specific details, you can simply use the sample fax cover page template we have provided here. Sometimes it might happen that we are confused which fax cover sheet would be suitable for our situation. In such cases, we can simply go with a sample fax cover letter template which will enable you to cover all your basic necessary details.

Basic Fax Cover Sheet

Now, this fax cover page template is very similar to the sample fax cover sheet. The only difference is that it covers all the basic information which you require to enter into a fax cover sheet. This is a multi-purpose template which can be used for various purposes, such as when you are relying on someone’s fax, or do not expect fax in return.

Download in Word

Download in PDF

As it is an informal fax cover page template which can be used for both personal and professional uses and contains all the details which need to be attached to the document, such as the full name of both the parties, number of pages, name of the document enclosed, etc. So you can use this fax cover letter fro professional as well as personal purposes and attach this with your

Generic Fax Cover Sheet

This is the last and the most convenient fax cover letter example which we are going to discuss. This is not very different from the other fax cover templates that we have mentioned earlier but it contains all the information which you must include in your fax cover letter. It allows you to provide all the information to the receiver so that he can view them at a glance. This fax cover sheet is designed in such a way that it will allow you to disclose all the necessary information to the receiver and also denote the urgency of the document.

generic fax cover sheet

Generic Fax Cover Sheet (WORD)

So let us sum up what we have covered in this article till now. Firstly, we told you about the fax cover sheet and its uses and how the technique of sending fax has changed and now fax can be sent online as well. But the most preferred method of sending a fax is still the traditional one, i.e., using a fax machine. Secondly, we discussed the various kinds of fax cover letters and where these can be used in the professional or the personal sphere.

Fax cover Page is a document which is attached to the documents which you are going to send a fax. It is one of the key document which you need to attach while sending any fax. While you are sending a fax to remember to keep this sheet at the top of the document and then send your documents. It must contain all the necessary information in it so as to let the recipient know about the correct information about the sender and let them know who is sending it. Before we further get into fax cover letter templates let us tell you that there are various sites which make these templates available for free. It will save a lot of your efforts and also be economical if you require to send a fax on a daily basis.

How To Write a Fax Cover Letter

Now you have come to know that a fax cover sheet is a very important document to be attached while sending a fax. Now the next thing which might come to your mind is what to include in your fax cover letter or how to write it. Here are some key points which you must keep in mind while writing a fax cover letter:

  1. The main objective of writing a fax cover letter is to help identify the sender for the recipient. So it is obvious that every fax cover sheet must contain the relevant information about the sender, such as the name and address of both the sender and the receiver. These details are very important since it helps the person to whom you are sending the fax to identify you. It also helps in exceptional cases, such as if the fax has been delivered to the wrong person by mistake, then it helps the receiver of the fax to identify the sender correctly and send it back to him or her. So in this way, the chances of personal or confidential information inside the fax document getting leaked are minimized, and your fax document will not reach the hands of unwanted people.
  2. In any cover sheet, there must be a special area or space dedicated to listing down the name of all the documents enclosed within the fax. This will immediately let the user or any person who handles the fax know about the nature of the documents and how important they are. This should particularly be written in case the nature of documents you are sending is sensitive or confidential so that you can let the recipient know about the urgency of the document and the next course if the action he or she might have to take. This is useful in letting the receiver know about the urgency of the document and also he or she should be satisfied that all the documents are there and nothing is missing.
  3. One of the most important things which must be mentioned in the fax cover sheet is the date on which the fax was transmitted or on which it was sent to the authorized authority. This should be done in the last column, where you must mention the date of transmission, and also mention the number of pages of the document enclosed.

Printable Confidential Cover Letter

This is the fax cover letter which you send along with your document in case the nature of the document is sensitive or confidential. In a professional fax cover sheet, there must be some basic information which must be written, such as the fax number, name of sender and receiver, date of sending, subject of the document, etc. The word “confidential” must be highlighted in bold letters clearly at the top so that the receiver knows about the confidentiality of the document at one glance. The main reason for writing a confidential fax cover sheet is to ensure the safety and security of all the confidential and private information. It is especially useful for businesses and professionals and enables your business to grow, flourish and prosper in the long run.

Professional Fax Cover Sheet

It is the same as the basic fax cover sheet and there is not much difference between the two. Although the professional fax cover sheet is more suited to business communications of more urgent or professional nature, such as client deals or contracts. This sheet is very important and ensures that the fax reaches the correct person for whom it was intended.

Fax cover sheet professional template to download (WORD)


Editable Fax Cover Sheet

This fax cover sheet is versatile and there are many variations of it present over the internet. As the name suggests, this fax cover letter template is completely editable so the user can make any changes to it before finally sending it to the desired recipient.

Editable Fax Cover Sheet


Many times we make small mistakes while drafting a fax cover sheet but if we are using the printable version we cannot edit them. And in case we are downloading the fax cover sheet from online, there are many edits we need to make to ensure that all the information is entered correctly and there is no scope for error. So in such situations, it is the best that you use the editable fax cover sheet.


Here we talked about almost all kinds of fax cover sheets and their uses. We also provided you with some useful templates.

So whether you own a business or want to send a fax for personal communication, you would find all types of fax cover sheet templates here which you could find useful. You can choose any template according to the situation and requirements and fill in any information according to your preference.

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