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What is Sales Planning

Setting up an objective for selling activities and then determining and scheduling the steps necessary to achieve these objectives is the task of Sales Planning personnel. The ability of an individual to set sales target and define a set of steps or strategies that will be used to achieve it is a must having a skill for a sales individual. To be more elaborative, sales planning professional is supposed to have skills to analyze current sales of a particular product in a particular market, defining future sales target and establishing technique and way ahead and identifying resources to achieve that target.

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Sale Planning is undoubtedly important –

For any company selling a product, concepts of sales and marketing are very important, as they are the means paving path either for success or for failure. Heart of a sales technique is “close the deal” which in turn makes the basis of the business. Everything great ever achieved, requires time to think out and plan, set objective and find ways to achieve it. The sales plan is no different. It helps you to foresee the potential risks so that these can be handled beforehand. It not only helps you to lay war strategy but also helps you to control the situation the current situation of your product, where you want to lead with your sales and how to achieve it. Sales planning also helps to make strategy, if you are set to launch your product in a different market, perusing different dusters and different consumption patterns.

Continual Improvement in Sales Planning skills – following points and be put under consideration to improve your sales planning skills –

  1. Coordinate with Operations and Finance – One of the best ways to improve your sales skills is and achieve optimal accuracy is to integrate the sales data with that which of finance and operations. This will help in accurate sales forecasting and precise budget planning.
  2. Identify the bottlenecks – You need to identify and note down all the market obstacles that may affect your set target such as – Market competition, different choice or culture of a customer in the new target market, shortcomings of procurement etc. Once you know all the problems that you may face during sales in the market, you need to do extensive research to find out unbeatable as well as a feasible solution for those.
  3. E-Marketing – This term is playing a vital role in a company’s brand creation and business extension these days. E-marketing provides you exposure to the more wide market, in which you can showcase your product and assess your current position as well.

Major Sales Planning Objectives are

  1. Identifying Sales Objective – Carefully done sales planning gives the clear picture on target of the business in future ahead. Properly done planning will help the company in business and market expansion positively.
  2. CSAT – Customer satisfaction is one of the essential components to flourish. While making any sales plan, the sales manager is needed to study customer behavior, their requirement and their interest on a particular product.
  3. Waste Control – An effectively created sales planning enable any organization to face uncertainty in any possible situation.

 sales plan template

How To Develop A Best Sales Plan For a product or A Service

Successful salespeople bear in mind their audience, their potential buyer or purchaser. It has been said that any business faces two types of problem in the market – first is Sales and everything else are secondary problems.  This means, if a salesperson is performing well, all other problems are solvable.

If product or services of the company are not selling well, then there is no future of a company and all other functions of the company cannot perform effectively, however brilliant they are. They have no revenue to spend to chase their objectives, pay staff and no customer to control the existing inventory.

It is obvious that your product needs to have something that customer needs to buy otherwise best salespeople will also fail to attract the market and client. The sale is a driving force for any company. A salesperson needs to analyze the problem from a different perspective and new way of approaching the issue. If you are new in the field of sales, developing a sales plan effectively needs your sincere efforts, so that it can give some results to the firm and you can impress your employer. A good salesperson would see a situation from the point of view of a professional buyer that – they will go through a range of suppliers to check what they exactly need what best you can deliver them.

Sales are said to be 90% conviction and only 10% communication of your conviction. To Develop a good Sales plan, keep in mind  Feature – Advantage – Benefit trio – When you create a sales plan, focus on FAB i.e. feature of the product you sell, What advantage it gives you over your competitor and what is the benefit of your customer if he or she goes with your product or service. And to take a competitive advantage, you need to focus on that quality of your product, which no other rival company provides in the market. You need to attract your customer not by addressing the objection, but by killing the objection in advance. Do not think about undercutting. If you plan that way, you are killing your gross margin and an expansion without a gross margin is committing suicide.  Hence you need to FOCUS ON COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE rather than cutting your margin.

The base purpose of a good Sales plan is

  1. Acquire and growth of new business.
  2. Expansion and Growth of existing business.

To achieve above, following strategies can be laid down

  1. Try to approach your best and prospect customer in all possible ways. For this, you can attend trade shows and conventions that your customers attend.
  2. You can manage to get a list of organizations that arrange such business fairs and send a letter of introduction. You can also approach your prospect customer directly.
  3. Take participation in networking groups to advertise your product.
  4. You can obtain a referral from existing customers and try to set good benefits of your product in front of them.
  5. To retain your current customer base, true to keep in touch with them every once in a while.

Different Types of Sales Plan Templates

Sales plan template is a document which describes the objective, goals and keeps track of different activities planned to execute in a business. Sales plan template is very important for an entrepreneur because it contains all the marketing plans with clarity on customer groups, revenues, sales mix and other necessary essential information. This sales plan template enlists different types of products or services the business would provide as well as the various deals that are set in order to develop the goals. It helps in implementing apt deals that usually leads to the desired objectives. This template can guide the entrepreneur in their business deals and a further step ahead.

  • Business Sales Plan Template: This is a very simple template with all the information regarding the product/service provided by the firm. One can make a progress graph from such a template because it provides not only basic but very crucial information regarding the development of the firm. Business Sales Plan template in PDF provides information on the kind of different strategic plans firm takes up and the number of workers involved in the organization.


  • Planning Sales Plan Template: Sales plan template is a pdf document that gives important information on how and from where to get started with a sales plan. It may also contain various helpful ideas that could be adopted by the entrepreneur to develop business. Less relevant points could be replaced or exchanged by others.


  • Marketing and Sales Plan Template: This is a document that lists the points that are needed for a systematic development of a good market plan. Marketing and Sales plan template should have accurate information regarding the price and product. It also would have information and guidelines on how to promote the market.The marketing and sales plan describes how the different sales projections will be attained. The marketing plan also needs to detail the overall marketing strategy that will exploit the opportunity. Include a discussion of sales and service policies; pricing, distribution, promotion, market, and advertising strategies; and sales projections. The marketing plan needs to describe the details like what is to be done, how it will be done when it will be done, and who will do it.


  • Strategic Sales Plan Template: Strategic Sales Plan Template includes different marketing strategies that would propel the firm by reflecting the interest of the market in the products and services they make. This will focus on market strategies like how you will be able to position your product or service in the market and differentiate it from its competitors:
  • Which segments of the overall market will be targeted first and why?
  • How will this be developed to reach or target the full target market?
  • How will you be able to differentiate your product or service?
  • What are the key benefits which will be highlighted?
  • What have potential customers you already been targeted?
  • Have you a test site in operation, and what feedback exactly is coming from this?
  • What can all contacts be used to generate market awareness and sales?
  • Who exactly will do the marketing staff, agency, etc.?


  • Basic Sales Plan Template: This sales plan template is provided as a guide only to help you develop a good and usable sales plan for your business. Your plan may require more or less information than we are listing it out here in this template’s explanation. As you will work through this template, please refer to the results of your research done and to your business plans.


  • Markets and Marketing: The best sales results are really based on sound market research and marketing research. Thus the first element of a good sales plan is a summary of your target markets and marketing.

You need to answer the following questions and then use your answers to write the information for each section. 

Short Summary of Your Business’s target market segments

  • How many clients are there in each market segment?
  • Who are the people in each of the market segment?
  • Where are they exactly located?
  • How do they make their purchasing decisions?
  • Where do they find various information to make purchasing decisions?
  • What classification have you given to each of your market segment (according to previous sales volume and potential sales volume)?

 factors Affecting future sales learned through your market research

  • How do your products and services meet the various needs of people in your target market?
  • Is there a market niche that is not being got satisfied?
  • Are people in an existing market satisfied or are they looking for a change?
  • Can you offer your clients something that will really satisfy them?
  • How much competition is there in this market?
  • Why there is such demand for what you’re selling?


  • Sales Plan Outline Template: This sales plan outline template is basically about positioning your product or services in the market or make this establishment.

Positioning Your Product or Service in the Market

If you know the actual needs and expectations of your users, supporters or customers, what they want from your service or product, what they will value and what they are prepared to give to obtain the services, then you can ’position’ yourself and your organization correctly and in an appropriate manner.


Any product or service must be tailored to meet the actual needs of the customer or user.A Meals on Wheels service, for instance, must offer familiar and popular meals, be nutritious and cheap to satisfy the valid needs of users, funders and supporters.


If your service is expensive to ’purchase’(for instance it could be expensive and can only be funded by grants), then the people who really take the decision to give a grant and who must justify it are the targets (suppose, the chief executive of a Health Authority or committee Chairperson). If it requires little public subsidy then those who usually recommend projects (Local Authority officers, are often try to manage small Budgets) should be the real targets.


Yours’ product advertising or promotional literature must get to the right places. The people who are reading your literature must be the right(targeted) people. Your premises or the place you deliver your service must be at the right place at the very right time. What is involved in accessing your service must not really put people off.


Must reach the users, supporters, and funders effectively, correctly and appropriately. Must use the language and really emphasize aspects of the service each group values. The right advertising, publicity, and image must all be used, matching, justifying and reinforcing your ‘position’ in the market.

Purpose of using Sales Plan Templates

Most organizations use top-down approach while creating sales plan. Revenue targets are usually defined by stakeholders and investors. If the revenue returns are not as per desires, sales plan is supposed to be worked upon or re-defined. However, sometimes bottom-up approach proves to be most accurate sales plan as it culminates plan for each sales representative.

A Sales plan template enables salespersons to achieve their target. An efficient Sales plan template should focus on optimizing the sales process to increase sales of a particular product. Using a sales plan template for planning helps to enhance efficiency, optimum utilization of professionals and providing more results in lesser time that can help to reach toward goals.

A sales plan template also works as a communication bridge between sales and marketing team to work collaboratively towards organizational goals. Depending on the nature and scope of the business templates can also be used as a part of business plan.

You can count on below advantages while using Sales plan template

  1. Sales plan excel template allows you to plan your goals with flexibility and functionalities of Microsoft Excel. This template divides product lines. Columns are used to include current sales target, former year’s performance, their comparison etc.
  2. Sales tracker excel template makes tracking of the item sold along with profit per item and total profit calculation easy. You can also calculate various costs involved like procurement cost, resource management cost etc.
  3. If you want to track sales lead but not interested in complete CR software, Sales lead excel template becomes very useful for you. It enables you to keep a record of each customer, plan future market and keep track of your prospective customer.
  4. Sales pipeline excel template best suited for small-scale business. It can be used to keep track of customer, estimated sales and can forecast sales in near future, say in a quarter.
  5. Sales plan templates provide a visual presentation of the sales process with the informational data related to the sales department.
  6. Yearly, monthly and daily sales activity becomes easily traceable with Sales templates. You can customize the template or use it in a standard format to keep track data. Some templates are designed to provide sales history of any defined previous time duration.
  7. With a sales template, you can list goals and target of the sales planning, method for measuring success during past, ownership for each step taken under sales planning. Reducing risk and analyzing new market prospect and strategies for current customer base is the major purpose of a sales planning template.
  8. An effective sales plan template is defined with the aim to involve market research and analysis strategies, enable you to evaluate your competitor, looking at your past sales history and more. It also provides space for identifying your customers, sales goals, attracting the new customer, marketing tactics etc.
  9. A finely created template streamlines communication between you and your customer. With a good sales template, you can keep the message to the customer short, simple and easy to understand.
  10. Some templates enable you to assign a particular account to individual salespeople so that no opportunity is missed.

Advantage And Benefits of Sales Plan

Professionals like advertising operations managers and marketing directors make their comprehensive marketing plans organizations with different sales plans. Their duties usually run the gamut from developing new to promoting, advertising and selling them. Initial marketing research guides the entire process by indicating what types of products customers would be interested in or willing to buy, at what price and how often these can be expected to make a purchase. There are various features, advantages, and benefits of sales and a marketing plan which are described below in bullet points. This will help to understand the pros of creating a sales plan first and then implemented it accordingly.

Sales and Marketing Plan:

Features –

  1. Just in time delivery; weekly as needed.
  2. Local distribution Center.
  • An experienced sales representative to serve account

Advantages –

  1. No Need to store large quantities.
  2. Additional orders can be filled quickly.
  • Knowledge & background in food- service industry.

Benefits –

  1. Requires minimal inventory space; keep inventory costs low.
  2. Prevents out of stock solutions.
  • Provides assistance for meeting changing needs and solving business problems.

Benefits of Marketing Research

Product planning, advertising, and sales are really based on marketing research. To develop a product that will definitely sell, identify your target markets demographics like age, income, family structure, and outside interests. Professional marketing research specialists generally use primary research techniques like interviews, surveys and focus groups along with secondary research to find out the answers to different questions that will determine the product line.

Benefits of Product Planning

Planning to put a new product on the market takes strict strategic planning. Some companies generally hire specialists to help define the product, develop a brand promise and conduct an assessment. By using a SWOT analysis, the company or a firm can identify strengths of the new product compared to the competition, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Proper product planning will also allow a company to position the product in the marketplace and produce sales. That means the product may provide more and more value, a better price, more innovation, convenience and another benefit compared to competing products.

Benefits of Advertising

Advertising gets the word out to the public about the exact product. A comprehensive advertising plan may include different traditional methods like direct mail postcards and brochures along with Internet advertising and creating excitement through social network sites. Special events and promotions can also lure customers and introduce them to various new products. Innovative electronic methods like QR barcodes can link printed material to a company website with exact product information with a smartphone application.

40+ Examples of Sales strategy Templates

Sales plan could be an incredibly useful tool for you if you really want to chase sales goals before the deadline so understand different sales plan templates right away and develop a productive convenient sales plan for yourself or for the whole sales department. As a sales team leader, it is your responsibility to build up a good sales plan to guide the sales about how to hunt chosen sales goals or objectives in given timeframe. It sounds like a roadmap that will definitely lead you to the door of success and all your sales targets will be easily achieved. Various examples of sales strategy plan templates are explained below.

  • Mailing Label Template: Mailing label template will surely help you to get completely rid of writing addresses on emails, packages, and containers manually. It is wholly produced in MS word and all different elements of the template are editable which means a user can easily and simply add own details and info to give it the desired appearance. It sounds like a handy tool to make and print mailing labels yourself either for business, official or personal use. With help of the template, a user can give labels a personalized appearance by adding favorite font style, colors and a business or company logo etc.

Mailing Label Template

  • Weekly Schedule Template: This ready to use weekly schedule template will always keep you organized and motivated to accomplish all different assigned tasks and another day to day jobs efficiently & effectively in a timely manner. You can easily schedule all activities, works, and jobs for seven days with it to increase overall productivity as well as to enjoy a stress-free week. Weekly schedule enables you to jot down all various things to be done by you during a week that can be the very first step towards a successful and productive week. It also helps you to prioritize works and different tasks based on importance and urgency.

Weekly Schedule Template

  • Pamphlet Template: Pamphlet is an important type of print publication usually consists of some pages and loaded with definitive informative material about something like a product, business, event or particular subject etc. A pamphlet template is usually created by our team of professional designers that can give you an accurate idea about what should be included in a good pamphlet and how to make one efficiently. It could be a very small booklet with 5 to 10 pages or a single sheet of paper that is printed on both the sides providing all details and information about something. Companies and business organizations are generally using them as a most powerful and effective marketing tool.

Pamphlet Template

  • Progress Report Template: Progress reports are usually prepared to keep higher authorities, customers or sponsors update about the progress of work or project and progress report template is obtainable here to prepare such reports very efficiently. The template provides a user enough assistance and proper guidance about how to make reports meaningful and error free. The progress report is a vital part of project management and can also be used in different other walks of life to keep supervisors, managers, colleagues, and clients updated about the work or project you are doing. Such reports are prepared for various different time periods such as for a day, week, month or quarter etc.

Progress Report Template

  • Press Release Template: Press release template has been added here successfully to guide valued users and different readers about press release writing. Whole elements and contents of the template are kept editable and a user can easily add all the details and info in it as per needs. An official has written or recorded statement which could be issued by a business, company, public relation officer or any other entity to media for the purpose of giving useful information about a particular factor any event can be named as a press release. Once these are prepared accurately/ correctly and submitted to the targeted media, they will publish it after making all the basic changes.

Press Release Template

  • User Manual Template: This template is downloadable free of any charge and can be saved in a storage of your computer. A detailed document or small booklet that usually tells a user how to operate a product appropriately or how to install accurately and use a particular computer software or application is named as a user manual. A core purpose of this document is to guide all the users and people about the fruitful use of mentioned product, service or any other thing.

User Manual Template

  • Project Proposal Template: We are explaining this project proposal template for you to simplify the process of proposal writing for projects. Proposal writing is the vital part of almost all business settings and companies especially when it comes to carrying out a new business activity with another company or professional person. A project proposal is a vital business document written by a business, company, organization or individual professional to make the request for financial assistance in order to accomplish the mentioned project or activity. A good and detailed proposal always includes different details like what you hope to complete, details about objectives and goals associated with the activity or project, why those objectives are important for you and how you were going to achieve those chosen goals.

Project Proposal Template

  • Coupon Template: As a business owner or marketing manager of the company you can make good use of the coupon template to create professional looking coupons for a vast variety of purposes. It can also provide sufficient assistance and help to design bright, colorful and beautiful vouchers at home or in office. Coupon is a tiny piece of printed paper that lets a holder purchase goods without paying any kind of money or at the lower price than actual. In these days, companies and business organizations are also using them as a great marketing tool to attract new customers as well as to boost up their sales volume. It can also be presented to anyone or someone special that they can exchange later for favorite goods, products or services.

Coupon Template

  • Postcard Template: A rectangular piece of paper or card loaded with an image or photograph and space for a short message is generally known as a postcard. These cards are usually sent without any envelopes. These can be used to send very short messages, wishes, and photographs to family members, friends, and other special persons, etc. There are so many different uses of these cards and are not only used to write and send to a loved one, relative or a family member.

Postcard Template

  • Financial Report Template: We hope that you will find this financial report template handful while making the financial report for your own business, organization or for a company in which you are working. The template is combined with different essential fields and various areas that a user may need to include the essential account of information and details into the report. Basically, the report is generally prepared by a business establishment or company to disclose its overall financial activities, financial position, and cash flows. It is usually prepared after an accounting year to show an overall financial performance of the business, organization or company during the recent year.

Financial Report Template


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