Printable Blank Monthly Meal Planner in PDF, Word & Excel

A monthly meal planner helps any person to plan a meal every week. It also assists in developing a shopping list of groceries and other ingredients used for preparing the meal. It is also possible to cover the details of basic ingredients that are required for a successful meal plan.

In the template other details like, time for preparing the meal and calories are essential. Through the use of a meal planner, one can get organized for the week in advance. 


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This planner template includes not only planning of the meals but also planning of what snacks are needed to consume during the entire forthcoming week. It helps people to avoid going out for eating or in reducing the consumption of items termed as junk food. Following such a routine will help even members of the family suffering from disorders like diabetes or high cholesterol. Here, it is important for these members to supervise their daily diet carefully. The planner template with snacks, offer the user to easily utilize it as it incorporates a list of ingredients for shopping.   

It is always vital for people to monitor as to what they intend to eat throughout the day as they are conscious of their health. Besides, they should be aware of how many calories they consume. Hence, following a planner template with snacks is ideal.

This type of meal planner allows planning his or her meals ahead as it takes into account the daily meals and dietary requirements of all the members of the family. With this template, a good meal can be planned efficiently to benefit everyone. This template meal planner also referred to as, meal voucher, assists a person in plan meals needed for two weeks ahead. All the significant aspects are taken into consideration while preparing this template as it is detailed meticulously.

Blank Monthly Meal Planner Template

Always try to make your month a little easier by planning all the meals just at one time. Easily meal plan for a whole month can be made and it can also save time and money in the process. A blank meal planner which everybody is glad to display as it is very impressive. 

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Print out the template of a monthly meal planner, put it under glass and use a marker and write it on the paper and you can use it from week to week and also monthly to monthly. Menu planning on a monthly basis always helps out to cut down on trips to the supermarket and also saves time in the kitchen for thinking that what to make and what not to.

Alternately, check out the monthly Menu Planner to plan a month’s worth of breakfast, lunches, and dinners for the organized home. meal planning templates have also been designed to allow everybody to plan exactly what and when they’re eating. 

Meal Planner Calendar

 Today’s kids have very fussy eating habits. It becomes very difficult for mothers to feed them according to their fussiness. The decision to cook different meals for their kids .every single day becomes really difficult. There comes a severe necessity to take the help of the Planner in which you can enter per day meal of your kid according to his or her taste and accordingly feed them. 


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Always making sure that before making a grocery list, write down all the meals you want to make this month. Buying for the monthly means you’ll make fewer shopping trips and buy only the items you need. 

8-step meal planning process:

  1. Pick your Meal Planning Day.
  2. Check your Calendar for the Week.
  3. Schedule your Shopping and Prep Day for the Week.
  4. Decide What’s for Dinner.
  5. Get Organized.
  6. Save Time with Multi-Ingredient Prep.
  7. Complete What You Can.
  8. Educate Yourself on Proper Food Storage.

Family Meal Planner Calendar

Plot out what the family wants to eat and what they will enjoy for dinner for the next month with these helpful day-to-day meal planners. A free family meal planning calendar that you can use to help plan your grocery list, weekly and monthly meals. 

These meal planning calendars include free printables, healthy, paleo, vegetarian, and even meal planning on a budget. After preparing the bi meal planner, it is necessary to do shopping only once. Through this method of a planner, he or she should purchase the food that lasts for two weeks, but still good to use.



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Examples of food that can be bought include frozen vegetables, apples, potatoes, carrots, and other non-vegetarian food. Buying food that has a longer shelf life is essential. After using one portion, another portion of the food can be stored in the freezer for planning the meal during the second week. In fact, many of the recipes prepared are considered as freezer friendly, which can be frozen. Hence, having readymade frozen meals in hand for the second week will help a person not to do cooking again. 

Printable Monthly Meal Planner in PDF, Word & Excel

 It is a great time-saver having all your meals planned and groceries ready each day of the week then for the month also.  Some printable meal planner has attached shopping list that will help to get on the road of saving time each and every day.


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One can also upload their own inspiring images, fonts, and logos to create their own customized meal plan template. These will make their meal plan templates look more personal and will be always helping them to concentrate on the task at hand. Then they can print and fill them in according to their choice. 

Gather meal planner templates in a food planner diary or book so that you can track the progress according to the need. Just edit the stunning meal plan templates and print them off. And then the most adorable and appreciative meal planner is ready.

Printable Monthly Meal Planner in PDF

Always feel free to change the monthly meal planner, as different things happen throughout the month, drawing arrows where you’ll swap tonight’s meal with another night. By the end of the month, it may look like a very complicated football play, but that’s okay!

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