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We all know how to write an informal letter but writing a business letter is different. It requires you to follow a certain standard guideline. This kind of letters is written only when you have to communicate someone at the official level. So care must be taken to divide your letter into three parts, i.e, introduction, body and closing. And each part must contain some vital details which will provide information as to why you have written the letter. Each part must organically follow the other, otherwise, it will be difficult for the reader to make sense of your letter.

So here we have explained to you the different parts of the business letter along with some sample images. Hence it will become easier for you to understand and you will be able to write any business letter effectively.

How to Properly Address a Business Letter

How to Properly Address a Business Letter

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The most important thing to keep in mind before starting any business letter is that the tone of your letter must be formal. For instance, you cannot write a resignation letter to your manager in a casual tone or write bad things about the company.

The salutation which you must use while addressing a lady is “Ms.” which is more appropriate than “Mrs.” or “Miss”. If you are addressing it to a man, you must use “Mr.”

Proper Way to Address a Business Letter

Proper Way to Address a Business Letter

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If you are writing a business letter to a university or college, then you must address the recipient as Professor. If they have done any Ph.D. then you can address them as Doctor (Dr.). In case you don’t know the person at all, and can’t make out their gender, you can address them by their full name, for example, “Dear Mr Albert Jones”.

So here we have provided you with a sample letter which you can use as a reference to understand how to  write the introduction, body and closing of a business letter.

How to Address a Business Letter to a Company

How to Address a Business Letter to a Company

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If you are appearing for your interview and require to write a business letter, you must write a polished well-written letter. You must start by providing your contact information and then of the recipients.


For salutations, you can use the following guidelines:

  • If you are unsure about the person you are addressing, you can write “To Whomsoever It May Concern”.
  • If you are addressing to a recipient you don’t know, you can use “Dear Mr./Mrs./Dr. [Last Name]”
  • If you have an informal relationship with the person, you can address the person as “Dear [First Name]”.


While writing the body of your letter, you must take care of the following :

  • Use single-spaced lines and add space between each paragraph.
  • Keep your letter justified on the left side.

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