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All businesses are established for making profits, and there is some kind of transaction which goes on daily basis. A business letter of order is written by one company to another for placing an order for goods or services. This letter contains specific details regarding the requirements for the purchaser, such as the details about the product and the specifications regarding the product.

So to help you write an effective business letter, we have provided you here with the templates which you can use as a reference to write an effective letter for placing an order.

Sample Business Letter For Placing An Order

Sample Business Letter For Placing An Order

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Almost all the business needs to purchase some goods or services from other companies. A business letter for the purchase order is written for this purpose. It should be written in short and simple language and must be kept formal. You should straightaway begin the letter by specifying the product or service you want to order and its quantity. Remember to give the specifications correctly, so that the vendor can accurately send the order and does not have any confusion.

Make sure you provide the right address and other details about your business so that the vendor does not have any problem in locating your address where you want to have the product or service delivered.

Business Letter For Purchase Order

Business Letter For Purchase Order

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If the company is big, the purchase order is made by the Purchase Department of the company. But in case the company is small, the order can be made by the management only. The letter should contain detailed information related to the order. It should also specify the instructions for fulfilling the order if any.

Here in this site, we have also provided you with different kinds of business letters. You can access all these from here for free. You just have to click on the download button. You can use these templates available on this site as a reference or edit according to your preference after downloading them.

Business Letter For Cancellation of an Order

Business Letter For Cancellation of an Order

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If you decide to cancel on the order for purchase you have already made, you must write a business letter for cancellation of the order. Like other letters, this must also be written in a formal tone. In this letter also you should specify the details about the order you had made and clearly state the reason for the cancellation for your order.

An important thing to note here is to keep the tone of the letter courteous and polite. Whatever be the reason for the cancellation of your order, never speak bad words against the company or criticize them.

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