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A business letter for quotation is a document which contains the query regarding a quotation for a particular product or service. So here we shall provide you with some useful samples of business quotation letters in PDF format.

A query letter or business quotation letter is one of the most important letters used in the corporate sector. It is used when one company wants to send a business proposal to another company. So it is an invitation for a collaboration for a project for a fixed time period or the purchase of goods or services for one-time.

So if you are looking for some useful quotation letter templates then you have come to the right place. Here you will find various templates in different styles which you can download for free.

Business Letter For Quotation Request

Business Letter For Quotation Request

Download in PDF

This letter is written to inquire about the business or a seller you want to purchase a product from about the price of the product or service. It is like a business negotiation deal, and both parties need to reach an agreement regarding the price of the product or service. You should clearly mention in your quotation letter the quantity or type of service you want to purchase, so the other party can provide you with an accurate quotation price.

Business Letter Asking For Quotation

Business Letter Asking For Quotation

Download in PDF

The nature of the business query letter is such that it should be crisp and to the point. The language of the letter should be kept as formal as possible consisting of only the query you want to ask the other party. Here we have provided you with some other type of business letters which you can have a look at:

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Business Letter Format For Quotation

Business Letter Format For Quotation

Download in PDF

Remember that the query letter must be kept brief like other formal letters. You must begin by writing your company’s name, date, the receiver company’s name and the salutation.

In the body of the letter, you can begin by introducing the company in brief in the beginning. You should also clearly explain the reason why you need a product or service from the company. You can also put in some words regarding why you have chosen the company for entering into a deal and that you wish to create a long term association with them.

The body of the letter must clearly explain the requirements of your products or service. It must also clearly state your contact details so that the other party can reach you if they have any query regarding the proposal.

So we hope you could find our templates useful to use as a reference to create your own query letter. This is a basic business letter which you must know how to write irrespective of which field you are in. After going through our sample templates, we hope you could gain some insights on how to start and finish your query letter and use it the next time you have to write a query letter for your own company.

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