Free Family Tree Templates, 20+ Formats, Examples, Guide

Introduction To Family Tree Templates

Family Tree is the style of seeing a family in which all members are introduced. Those who are still alive and those who are not alive are also involved in family tree documents. To make a family tree chart, we create a separate box for all the people who are in the family. Each box is connected to each other to express your relationships. If you want to give your chart a detailed look, you can include photos of each person along with their name and date of birth. How many people live in a house, their genealogy should be made. It will be easier for a new person to understand relationships in every home if every family has a family tree.

family tree

Many families make only the relationship and date of birth in their chart. However, if you include details such as age, gender, nickname etc, then it can become a detailed family tree. We are providing you a Family Tree Diagram template here, you can download any of the templates you like. To make a family chart, we create something that can give a level to the suffering. From where we want to start our Family Tree, keep the ancestral category at the top. In this way, Generation Generation organizes this chart. As we take a look at the chart, we can tell who the ancestors are because their names are at the top of the Family Tree.

If a horizontal line is drawn between the two boxes, then this line expresses their marriage relations. It explains that these two people are husband-wife. A couple can be closed with a large bracket. The lines from their bracket analyze their children. And thus a family chart can be raised. Sometimes lines from the pair of bracelets can be shown next to. A tree representing relationships, which is built by a traditional structure, is called the Family Tree. The trees which are used for social functions are called genograms. Our Family Tree is displayed as a record on our website.

A lot of people have put a family tree chart in their own way on the Internet. While making a Family Tree, we mention many generations. Sometimes we mention some special dates with which we have saved many memories. Our site is also one of the best sites for Family Tree. Family history stores the family tree records the memories of parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle, siblings, and cousins under it. Includes under the nickname of special persons, their living space, important information (including dates of birth, marriage, and death), business, and other important clues.

family tree

Many researchers have made family trees using different types of tools. Some websites offer you free family charts and some sites charge for it. This fee can be monthly and also yearly. Most sites contain message boards which can give you additional information. However, the use of these sites should follow the rules of caution before relying on it. In order to get the ideas of which parents are the children and who are the other siblings and who are cousins.

Various Formats of Family Tree Templates

1.Small Family Tree Template

When we are part of a small family. Which means that grandparents and uncle’s aunt do not live together in a family where there are only parents and children. This is called a small family. Online You Can Get Many Examples to Create a Small Family Tree. You can download the template from here and just paste its photo in place of each member.

small family tree template

2. Family Tree Diagram template

To create a chart of any family tree, we need to first create a diagram on the chart paper. Whose picture is set to be determined according to the genealogy? So that we can easily set up the top of the picks and the bottom of the little ones. For that, we will find the online framework, which will make it easier for us to make.

Family Tree Diagram template

3. Three Generation Family Tree Templates

Most grandparents, parents, uncle’s aunt, and children are included in the three family tree chart. Nowadays, with the family being small, people are beginning to understand the importance of relationships. That’s why remembering your ancestors, you create a family chart. Here you are being provided such a design that you would like to download after seeing it.

Three Generation Family Tree Templates

4. Printable Family Tree Templates

You are given a very ready format, so you can get your print out of direct printout. Only the pictures of your relatives are attached to this tree, it also saves your time.

Printable Family Tree Templates

5. Sample Family Tree templates

As a sample, here is a simple family tree chart. That will make your work very easy and you will be saved from physiology. You do not have to worry about colors too. All the templates are completely colorful here.

Sample Family Tree templates

6. Family Tree Templates With Graphics

This template, designed with the help of graphics, is universally preferred. You can try it. It is specially prepared, leaving an equal space for every image. For everybody, a block is made, which makes it look very beautiful.

Family Tree Templates With Graphics

7. Beautiful Family Tree Templates

This beautifully designed template is great in itself. Trying to simplify your work every better way. The template has great flexibility and is fully qualified to decorate your home.

Beautiful Family Tree Templates

8. Family Tree Vector Templates

Using this template, your opponent can come in quite a lot. Those who try to humiliate you will be overwhelmed with shame. Your progress will make you feel proud.

Family Tree Vector Templates

9. family Tree Templates For kids

Children are given the school to create a family tree project. For which children love for relationships, they are given a charming template for their work.

family Tree Templates For kids

10. Family Tree For Young Couple Templates

This template is for those young people who know how to respect their elders. And in the same spirit, they create family tree charts that have got photos of their relatives. By gathering photos of all those who have couples in your house, you can strengthen the relationship and give one copy to all of you.

Family Tree For Young Couple Templates

11. Simple Family Tree Chart Templates

This Family Tree Chart Template is a very simple and attractive look. If you like this template here, we will understand that our small effort has succeeded. Though it is quite simple, it has been tried to give an attractive look to it.

Simple Family Tree Chart Templates

12. Family Tree Templates With Siblings

When a sibling wants to make a family chart to add all the pixels of their interconnection, they can use this template. If you want you can include your cousin. You can also be decorated in your home by making a family tree of your siblings.

Family Tree Templates With Siblings

13. 4 Generation family tree templates

This tree can be made by collecting four generations of picks. It can be quite big in the tree size. As you can imagine, 4 Generation means a very large family. Here we are providing free templates for you, which will make your work easier.

4 Generation family tree templates

14. Free Family Tree Charts

This template is made available to you for free, which is fully responsive. It is also easy to download it. Oh yes, this is the real truth. You do not have to be surprised. We have brought a nice type of template for you, which will make your project a lot easier.

Free Family Tree Charts

15. Large Family Tree Templates

In the past, large family members used to collect and did not have to face the problem of making a family tree. But now there is a trend of small families everywhere, all the people need a different home. In this, you may have to face difficulty in making a family tree. We are giving you a template while considering that there are angles in your family, whose relationships you want to add. This is very shocked you try it.

Large Family Tree Templates

16. Family Tree Lesson Plans

Before creating a family tree you need to understand it well. A template made in a hurry is not good, but your hard work will also be lost. It requires that you first understand its lesson plan and then take the step forward.

Family Tree Lesson Plans

17. Powerpoint Family Tree Template

This template is being provided free of cost to you, it provides a solution to your risky work. So, without hesitation and without spending time download this template from here and finish your work on time.

Powerpoint Family Tree Template

18. Photo Family Tree Templates

As we have read above, we can create family trees in many ways. One is the type in which we do not even photograph, but after giving the names and relationships, the family tree chart completes. But here we want to make our Family Chart with photos. For which you should use this template, this is a little effort to make your work easier.

Photo Family Tree Templates

19. Blank Family Tree Templates

By the way, all the templates that you have brought for you are all the blanks that have been created to add your relationships. But we have brought this template with a balancer. Here you can add your relationships with your understanding.

 Blank Family Tree Templates

How To Prepare A Family Tree

The easiest way to draw a family tree in a way is to start with a tree template. With SmartDraw, you can start with the family tree template on the first page with the structure of a hereditary family. It can be fully used and it is easy to download it. This family tree is prepared to keep the descendants, ancestors, wives, and siblings. It is entirely up to you that you conclude that from which generation you want to start, you can start with yourself or start with an old generation like great grandparents.

The point of note is that it is better if you make the tree from top to bottom. It is easy to understand. Where do you want to start, the angle generation will be set at the top. If you are starting from current generation then you can start making this tree downright. If it is not so and wants to start making grandfathers from generation to generation, it would be useful to make the tree above you. In each of your family, each generation will be banned with a box connecting with other people, which reflects relationships with you.

If you want to create a new look it gives your tree a whole new look. In this, on the left hand, you can start with the ancestors and explain the relationship between your sister and you can show husband wives by starting with the right hand. You can connect all the boxes with each other according to the relationships. In addition to the names of relatives, you can also add their date of birth and pictures or something that will make your tree bigger than it is attractive. To make the tree easy to understand on your chart, a special symbol should be marked on each layer, which can represent a single generation.

When planning your family tree, make a format and decide what you will do with the family tree. Are you making it with the purpose of decorating it? Will it be prepared for exhibition somewhere? Will it be electronically decorated in a different way so that it can be lit? If the scheme is related to removing the printout of the family tree, then you can tell the information clearly and printable information. If you do not become conservative in relation to the scheme then it will be better if you plan to share the plan electronically, then the diagram.

Build your tree with complexity and assign a special place to note every data in the table. Make sure to set different places for the details you want to fill in it.You are the people in your family who can inquire about their ancestors. We often use the red line to explain blood relationships. For the rest of the family, you can complete the chart by creating a tree with all the colors for your relation. Before connecting these family relationships, make sure that you want to show the relationship to the cone angle.

Uses Of Family Tree Template

Family History

Where you start creating charts with family history, so from which point to start this task is very much the head of the head. Where are the details of where to fix the details, where the pictures of the siblings will remain right and where the pictures of uncle -aunt will be correct? Should you put the married couples first or you should take unmarried couples. But there is no need to worry about you.

We have brought you a means to relieve anxiety. How to fill a standard genealogy you must learn this. You will see how easy it is to set up generations of photos. They allow you to pack the facts of all your essential family on some sheets for immediate reference. And even if you are starting a total, you can do paperwork in an instant. Just follow these five guidelines and you’ll fill those templates with one family of free family trees. we explain you all with the help of some pointed lines.

Everything in it can be explained in a very clear manner and in one go. Text box table format adjusts itself in a unique way to fit the content, which is very useful in everyone’s life. Under this, you do not need to add an extra line from the text, or the chart may be disorganized. It proves to be very useful if we want to keep it in the same size. If you think you need the necessity to change the chart’s perspective, then change it or else do not touch it.

  • Nowadays, the tradition of gift giving is becoming very popular, And if you want to give them some form of a gift, then gift them to this tree and gift them, their face will bloom happily.
  • Thanksgiving is going to a printed book of family research, even though this chart is considered to be popular.
  • You can gift your family tree chart to your loved ones.
  • Everyone knows the name of the Family Tree, but in the families where 3-3 Families are collecting, It is not possible to have them all in one family photo. The family tree chart created for them is no less than giving happiness to them.
  • This can be achieved by online, so there is also an additional helper to give to your family tree through relatives of friends and relatives.
  • Simple Family Tree Templates are great for displaying family trees as wall charts. These templates are easy to optimize and they are print-ready.
  • Are you looking to present your family tree on the rebirth of your family? Uncover the function with our empty family tree template. Empty family templates allow you to draw the right chart from scratch, they give you a free hand and you are eager to bring the generations to the chart.
  • Photo Family Tree template offers the option to embed photos. The photo feature differentiates this template from the other.

40+ Printable Family Tree template

We have already informed you that you can prepare your tree for free. Because we know that you have started research on the history of your family, and you started adding the names of your relatives. This is what we expect from you. We have prepared some family tree charts in view of your convenience, which you can print. Sometimes during the research, we are aware that some old things were so good that somebody has prepared it in a leisurely way.

Dissents of our charts are those you can fill yourself with. And you will see yourself and understand where the place is given a gap and where the interval has been given. You have been given a separate box to fill the item, it keeps you from finding anything. Suppose you are looking for someone’s date of marriage, then you should find only in the marriage column. It does not waste your hard work and time is used. The things you do not know leave the space empty to fill their details. Do not forget to take your chart together whenever you go to meet them. Whatever details you do not know, ask them to fill up so that your family tree chart becomes compliant.

We are showing examples of your printable family charts that are the latest and newest designs.

  • Golden Anniversary Printable Family Tree Template

When 50 years are completed for anyone, it celebrates its Golden Jubilee Anniversary. In this way, you can bring this gift smile in their face. You do not have to spend any cost here for the gift, you are making it available for free.

golden Aniversary family tree

  • Personalised Printable Family Tree Template

Every person dreams of a beautiful house. He makes every effort to make his home beautiful. What could be better than that and you are making a family chart and giving it to them, there will be no limit on their happiness.

personalised family tree chart

  • Custom Printable Family Tree Template

You can set this template accordingly, you can see how big and how small you want it to be. Where you want to set the pixels in it, this option gives you an option like this.

custom family tree

  • Family Tree Art Template

This template is very beautifully designed, it has been stored by very delicate arts. This template is very beautiful in itself. This template is being provided to you absolutely free. If you put this in your ancestors’ room then love for you is in their hearts.

family tree art

  • Wedding Gift Printable Family Tree Template

You can also gift it to any family program or wedding ceremony. If there is a wedding ceremony for a girl in your family, then a better gift cannot be imagined. He can keep that life near deafness and miss his maternal lover.

wedding gift family tree

  •  Family Tree Photo Collage Template

This template separates itself from other templates. It is built on its looks, you can put a collage of photos of your relatives in it. Anyone who comes to your house and finds his photo in it will experience the joy.

photo collage family tree

  • Family Tree Poster

Many times we use different types of posters to decorate our home. In the small children’s rooms, we mostly use cute posters of kids or use posters of cartoons. If we use this poster, then children will not have time to understand their relatives and understand their relationship.

family tree poster

  • Family Tree Print With Branch

You can give this template a different look to different relationships on different branches of decorating family tree. This also brings your art into consideration, this template is also being provided here for you absolutely free.

family tree print with branch

  • Polar Bear Family Tree Template

It is a matter of great happiness for people who want to use this template. This template is going to get easy for them. This template has a lot of demand in the market, you are totally free for the people.

polar bear family tree template

  • Low Oak Tree Thumbprint

This is a specially designed template. Thumbprint has been used while making this. In this chart, where we have to attach the picks, we have created thumbnails on it. And given the necessary details so that the address can be seen where the photo is to be taken.

low oak tree thumbprint

  • Family Photo Frame Print

Illustrating a single family on a chart such as a photo frame. True, this photo frame, which is more beautiful than any other photo frame, is being liked by many families. If you take it from the market, it is very expensive, but here we recommend that you download it for free.

family photo frame tree







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